Thigpen Named AU Chief Diversity Officer

thigpen M cn

Anderson University has recently appointed Mike Thigpen as the chief diversity officer within the university’s Cabinet. AU’s MOSAIC team recommended that Thigpen fulfill this role to help champion the university’s intercultural engagement efforts.

Thigpen started his career at AU as the director of the Cultural Resource Center (CRC) in August of 2015. The mission of the CRC is to educate all students, both domestic and international, toward intercultural curiosity, humility, and learning. As director of the CRC,


Thigpen has been a driving force in maximizing AU’s recognition of MLK Day by collaborating with departments across campus and with the city of Anderson. He also co-chairs the university’s MOSAIC team, which is run by faculty, staff, and students, and is focused on increasing intercultural humility and respect for all. Thigpen will continue his duties as director of the CRC as he takes on his new role within the university Cabinet.

The chief diversity officer will provide counsel to take diversity and racial reconciliation into consideration within deliberations. Thigpen will also serve as a member of a newly appointed advisory group on matters of diversity. During his five+ years at AU, he has built strong relationships across campus, is connected to the Church of God, and is recognized as a leader and educator in the community on matters of race and racial reconciliation.

“I am confident knowing that Mike Thigpen is taking on these responsibilities,” said President John Pistole. “Racial injustices are at the forefront of many conversations in our world and on campus, and I know Mike will lead us on a path to peaceful and thoughtful action and education.”

“I am honored to serve as the university’s first chief diversity officer,” said Thigpen. “I hope to contribute to a great pivot that creates access and better services for current and future diverse student populations.”