AU Engineering Students Win 2019 evGrand Prix

AU autowin2

On May 14, 2019, the School of Science and Engineering raced their autonomous car, which operates without a driver, in the evGrand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.


The car raced for their division in the early morning, then ranked for finals the following day. Five engineering students and a few professors represented Anderson University in the competition, with all hands on deck for the highly anticipated race.

The car functioned flawlessly during the practice rounds, but per Dr. Chad Wallace, Dean of the School of Science and Engineering, right before the final race began, a chip malfunctioned which caused them to lose steering. The students worked valiantly to do some emergency soldering, but the chip was fried. Panicked, the students asked other teams for a replacement, but eventually, they resorted to overnighting a new one from a supplier.  

Even with the odds against them, the Anderson University students won in a landslide, beating other top engineering schools. Second place finished more than ten seconds behind them.

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