Keep Moving Anderson Forward

A spiritual hero of mine once related that, when working for a railroad, he received a call from his counterpart in New Jersey complaining that a passenger train arrived there without the baggage car.

The passengers were furious. An investigation found that a careless switchman in St. Louis had moved a piece of steel just three inches the wrong way. That simple 3-inch mistake caused the luggage to end up 1,300 miles away in Louisiana.

So it could be with the upcoming Anderson mayoral election. If we don’t vote for continued progress, we very well might find our city 1,300 miles away from it.

Let me give some context.

Nationwide, there are approximately 22,000 economic development entities competing for 250 major job announcements each year. If a community our size can land at least one annual project, it would achieve all-star status in the world of economic development.

Our economic team — led by the City of Anderson’s Greg Winkler and the Corporation for Economic Development’s Rob Sparks — broke ground on 10 new companies, including GTI, Sirmax, Purdue/Flagship Polytechnic Center, Green Tire Reclamation, Hy-Pro Filtration, and NTN Driveshaft.

We have also announced over 20 expansion projects (that means local companies growing, expanding and hiring) all in less that four years. That places our current team in the hall of fame! But more importantly, that’s 4,000 new jobs for you, me and the rising generation.

Speaking of NTN Driveshaft, the Chamber’s 500-plus membership was very much in favor of a $13 million incentive package for an $85 million return on investment for our city. What businessperson wouldn’t make that deal?

Thankfully, we have the right team in place to “git ‘er done.”

The outcome of the mayoral election (pitting incumbent Kevin Smith against challenger Tom Broderick) on Nov. 3 is essential to keeping our economic development train moving forward.

With 800 new project leads in the pipeline -- think of it, 800 new possibilities for our city -- we need Greg Winkler and his team employed on our behalf and closing deals for the good of Anderson.



Kyle Morey

CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer)

Madison County Chamber